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Blaq Out

Blaq Out is a video publishing company created in 2002 and dedicated to arthouse films on DVD.
To make up for the low profile of arthouse films in cinemas, given the pressure from blockbusters and the increasing number of releases, the need for new outlets to give different works a second life, or even to make a lasting contribution to our film heritage, has become obvious and urgent. One of these outlets is video publishing.
Recent years have seen the advent of DVD, a digital medium that offers a quality of sound and image impossible with videocassettes. DVDs also offer user-friendly interactivity and special features that are destined to become original programs in their own right -as video modules, Roms or other. In short, thousands of artistic possibilities are available to shed light on or reinforce appreciation of a film.
Blaq Out is committed to giving arthouse films, whether French or foreign, classic or contemporary, the second life, or even the first life they deserve, on a quality medium with enriched content.
Blaq Out 's vocation is suddenly and deliberately plunging its public into darkness to discover, rediscover or show others arthouse films in the movie theater conditions so important to film aficionados.


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Jean Claude Brisseau
France, 2006

François, a filmmaker, is preparing a thriller. During screen tests for a brief nude scene with an actress, he discovers the pleasure some women can have in the transgression of minor erotic taboos. Driven by the desire to contribute something new to the cinema, he decides to make a film that mixes reality and fiction and centers on something which unexpectedly becomes an enigma and a taboo: the minor transgressions that are a source of pleasure. His research into eroticism raises basic questions. But like Icarus approaching the sun, he only burns his wings.
Suppléments :
"Cinema according to Brisseau": interview with Jean-Claude Brisseau and Lisa Garcia (40 mins)
Alternate Scene (6 mins)
Original Trailer

Abderrahmane Sissako
France, Mali, 2006

Bamako. Melé is a bar singer, her husband Chaka is out of work and the couple is on the verge of breaking up... In the courtyard of the house they share with other families, a trial court has been set up. African civil society spokesmen have taken proceedings against the World Bank and the IMF whom they blame for Africa's woes... Amidst the pleas and the testimonies, life goes on in the courtyard. Chaka does not seem to be concerned by this novel Africa's desire to fight for its rights...
Suppléments :
Interview with Abderrahmane Sissako and Roland Rappaport (30 mins)
Presentation of the lawyers by themselves (20 mins)
Original Trailer


Pierre Trividic, Xavier Brillat
&Patrick Mario Bernard
France, 2003
Fantastique, Arts plastiques et visuels,

Rene is an artist. His studio is set up in a disused dance hall and he lives on the premises with his boyfriend. Life swims along nicely, only he seems to be "coming down with something" - such is the expression used. It's not that he feels sick exactly, more that he is getting distinctly oversensitive. Things pop into his mind and then won't leave. Like that picture of two spooky clowns seen in a magazine.
Hard work and play make no difference at all. The image becomes an idée fixe and with every passing day Rene is increasingly tormented by obsessions that, in his rational mind, he rejects. Until one fine day his world goes off the rails as he finds himself face to face with a doppelganger.

Suppléments :
"Genesis" (10 mins): filmed essay
Iconography: videos and stills
BALLROOM Original Trailer
Exclusive access to online feature: CECI EST UNE PIPE (THIS IS A BLOW JOB), extimate diary (54 mins) [this feature contains mature content which may be offensive or disturbing to some viewers]
Trailer and excerpt of CECI EST UNE PIPE
DVD-Rom content: direct access to BALLROOM website

Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney, Marco Brambilla, Larry Clark, Gaspar Noe, Richard Prince, Sam Taylor-Wood
USA, UK, 2006

Destricted’ is the first short film collection of its kind, bringing together sex and art in a series of short films created by some of the world’s most visual and provocative artists and directors.
Explicit in content they reveal the diverse attitudes by which we represent ourselves sexually.
Formed in 2004, Destricted is a platform for all forms of uncensored artistic expression; manipulating and
embracing the expression of sex through art.
The seven films presented explore the fine line where art and pornography intersect. The films highlight controversial issues about the representation of sexuality in art; opening up for debate the question of whether art can be disguised as
pornography or whether pornography can be disguised as art or something else altogether. The result is a collection of explicit, stimulating, challenging, provocative, strange and sometimes humorous scenarios that leave it up to the viewer/voyeur to decide.

Suppléments :
Making of "Hoist" by Matthew Barney
Deleted Scene from "We Fuck Alone" by Gaspar Noé
Interview with Sam Taylor-Wood
Hidden Special Feature: "Haruki Yukimura & Nana-Chan" by Xavier Brillat, followed by an interview with Xavier Brillat and Agnès Giard

Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne
France, Belgium, 2005

Bruno, twenty. Sonia, eighteen. They live off Sonia's benefits and the thefts committed by Bruno and the kids in his gang. Sonia has just given birth to Jimmy, their child. How can Bruno become a father, being so carefree and living as he does for the present, solely concerned about the money from his deals?
Suppléments :
Interview with Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (30 mins)
"The Image Factory": interview with dp Alain Marcoen and camera operator Benoît Dervaux (17 mins)
Original Trailer

Béla Tarr
France, Germany, Hungary, 2000

Somewhere in Hungary… The country is prey to unrest. Gangs roam the capital and a terrifying catastrophe is about to occur. Valushka, part-time postman and simple visionary, obstinately defends utopia. He continues to rejoice in the miracle of creation to fight obscurantism.
Suppléments :
Opening sequence commented by Jean-Michel Frodon (13 mins)
Theatrical Trailer

Michel Reilhac
France, 2002
short cuts

This is a collection of licentious little films from last century: twelve short silent pornographic films with piano accompaniment made between 1905 and 1935 by sometimes illustrious directors who preferred to remain anonymous. True curiosities in the history of cinema, these films were originally screened in the waiting rooms of brothels.
Suppléments :
"History of cinema in brothels" (45 min): discussion moderated by Jean-François Rauger with Michel Reilhac, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou and Zaza
"All art is erotic" (29 mins): commentary by Gilles Néret about the evolution of erotic art throughout the ages

Bruno Dumont
France, 2003
drama, thriller, suspense

He is a photographer, scouting locations for a magazine. She goes with him because they are in love.Together, they discover the desert around the town of Twenty-nine Palms, lose themselves in nature's splendour, make love there and hate one another, never suspecting that the danger doesn't only lie within themselves.
Suppléments :
Making Of (34 mins)
Interview with producer Jean Bréhat (21 mins)
Tentative Posters
Theatrical Trailer

Jean-Paul Civeyrac
France, 2005

Jean Paul Civeyrac’s films are like chamber films –in the sense of a chamber music: there are very few instruments that are played, there is no orchestration; mere themes (love, the disappearance of a loved one, the mingling of bodies…) are played by a few interpreters. It is not a repetition because it does not say the same thing; it’s a kind of variation, in the musical sense of the term…
Suppléments :
DVD 1: Life according to Luke (14 mins) + Ni d'Eve ni d'Adam (87 mins) [suitable for audiences 12 and over] + The Lonely (71 mins)
DVD 2: Spirits (89 mins) + Man's Gentle Love (74 mins)
DVD 3: All the Fine Promises (81 mins) + Through the Forest (60 mins) + Sadness Beautiful Face (17 mins)
DVD 4: Jean Paul Civeyrac: Interstices (DVD-Rom Mac/PC) + Video Trailer

Luc Moullet
France, 1966-1993

In BRIGITTE AND BRIGITTE, Luc Moullet features the adventures of two young French women, who come to Paris for the first time and discover student life. In UP AND DOWN, Moullet depicts the climbing of the Mount Parpaillon in French Alps -a mythical reference in the bicycle world- by all kinds of cyclists.
THE SMUGGLERS is a defiantly amateurish non-adventure adventure film concerning three people off in the wilds with no skills whatsoever, made in advance of May ’68. A GIRL IS A GUN is a dark tale of lust and revenge that swings wildly between a slapstick insanity and a delirious experimentation that hint at King Vidor's DUEL IN THE SUN and Jean-Luc Godard's WEEKEND.
ANATOMY OF A RELATIONSHIP is an extraordinary, delirious dissection of the dilemmas of two intellectuals who can’t get their rocks off. A disconcerting diary that is both burlesque and tragic. The film was recommended for audiences 18 years and over
when released in theaters in France.
GENESIS OF A MEAL is based on an economic comparison, from production to consumption, of a can of Senegalese tuna, a French omelet, an Ecuadorian banana and a reel of 35mm film. Visionary and iconoclast Luc Moullet delivers a documentary that is both terrifying and hilarious.
In THE SIEGES OF THE ALCAZAR, a young critic from Cahiers du Cinéma, who has come to see a Cottafavi retrospective in a theater of the 1950’s, meets an Antonioni admirer and also film critic -at rival magazine Positif! He nevertheless falls in love with her…
THE MAN OF THE BADLANDS is a larger-than-life portrait of Luc Moullet. It takes us through the Southern Alps, the stunning, wild and arid settings of his films and looks at the burlesque and autobiographically inspired films he makes.

Suppléments :
- "L'Homme des roubines" by Gérard Courant, a caustic documentary about the director
- "Les sièges de l'Alcazar" by Luc Moullet

Otar Iosseliani
Georgia, 1961-2006

APRIL is a parable about consumer society. Two young lovers are caught in a trap by people who cut trees and make furniture... Their love is lost in their beautiful, cluttered apartment...
FALLING LEAVES shows the life of young Nico as he moves from adolescence to adulthood, at a time when discoveries, impressions, revelations and fading illusions drop like falling leaves.
THERE ONCE WAS A SINGING BLACKBIRD takes us into the life of a young percussionist in the Tbilissi Opera Orchestra. Dreamy and carefree, he wanders the streets, on the lookout for friendly or romantic encounters. He hangs around in restaurants, studios and libraries, fascinated by the only thing that seems to make him happy but will be his downfall : pretty girls.
PASTORALE is the story of four musicians who, one summer, come to rehearse in the calm of a small Georgian village lost in the mountains. A fable on meetings and partings.

Suppléments :
Commentary by Naum Kleiman, Moscow Cinema Museum Director (10')

Chris Smith
USA, 2003

With poker-faced impersonation as their weapon, and World Trade Organization officials as their target, the Yes Men pull off one bold prank after another in an effort to raise political consciousness. And when their outrageous stunts are actually swallowed -hook, line and sinket- the Yes Men must up the satirical ante and push the art of public spectacle to hilarious new heights!
Suppléments :
"Gloup gloup strikes back !": conversation between Andy Bichlbaum, Jan Bucquoy and Noël Godin
"The Horribly Stupid Stunt": the Yes Men feat. the WTO at an international conference in Salzburg in October 2000
DVD-Rom section: internet links
Original trailer

Marguerite Duras
France, 1972

Nathalie Granger (1972) is a story of two women (Jeanne Moreau and Lucia Bosè) who worry about a daughter's violent behavior at school, listen to radio accounts of a murderer at large, and are visited by a traveling washing-machine salesman (Gérard Depardieu).
Suppléments :
"About Nathalie Granger": interview with Geneviève Dufour, Benoit Jacquot and Luc Moullet
"Marguerite Duras' Film Writing": interview with Madeleine Borgomano

Nicolas Philibert, Gérard Mordillat
France, 1978

Twelve CEOs of large companies face the camera and talk about power, hierarchy, trade unions, strikes, and self-man-agement. The image of a future world is gradually sketched out...
Suppléments :
Interview with Gérard Mordillat and Nicolas Philibert
"Behind the words": analysis by economist Frédéric Lordon

Hélène Lapiower
Belgique, 1999

"When I began filming my family, I wanted to preserve images of my own world, which seemed to be slipping from grasp. A particular Jewish world on the brink of extinction like many such worlds. I also wanted to create a link between two worlds: me, the actress in Paris, in mine, and my family, working-class Polish Jewish immigrants, in theirs. The typical immigrant dilemma: you’re suffocated if you stay within the family; you’re an exile in the outside world. I filmed my family of Jewish tailors over a seven-year period; all their offspring have married blacks, Belgians and Arabs. Today I realize exactly what sort of film I’ve made. The burning question happened all by itself: At what point has my generation, and me along with it, been deeply affected by the weight of “history?” Did these great values of openness which had been passed down to us – and which are even drawn from the history of Jewish persecution – carry within them a contradiction which lead to the breakdown of Jewish identity? My film centers around this breakdown, full of rips and tears, and what is left of our identity. What will become of it all? Should something be left of it? And what exactly is “it all?”"
(Helene Lapiower)

Suppléments :
Tribute to Helene Lapiower (excerpt from the radio broadcast "Surpris par la nuit" by Adrien Walter on France Culture, with François Margolin, Yolande Zauberman, Claire Denis and André Wilms)
Short film "Elle et lui" by François Margolin with Helene Lapiower