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Since its founding in 2003, Ecart Production pursues its goals of production and distribution of films by artists. Ecart Production develops film projects for institutional, cultural film projects, artists' films and DVD editions of video works.


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- Florence Loewy bookshop
- Jeu de Paume bookshop
- Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris bookshop
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- Yvon Lambert bookshop
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NIVEAU<br />

Marcel Dinahet
France, 2008
video art

In line with experimental video of the 1980’s, this video graphic work explores the intimate relations between water and land. Dinahet’s approach is similar to Gaston Bachelard who thinks by dreaming reality using elements like water and fire (Water and Dreams, The Psychoanalysis of Fire) Dinahet dives into reality : if he observes water he actually swims in it to film. According to him « the plunge into the unknown is always a dive into water ». . . Running water. (Anne Bonnin)
Suppléments :
No words
32-page booklet (french/english), text by Anne Bonnin

David Michael Clarke
France, 2009
video art

BLOOD FROM A STONE and AEROPLANE are two short films by visual artist David Michael Clarke. Clarke openly acknowledges his debt to Beckett and borrows the technique of improvisation from contemporary dance to explore and elaborate a somewhat different relation to the architecture that surounds us.
Suppléments :
- English and french subtitles
- 4-page colour booklet (french/english), texts by David Michael Clarke, Franck Lamy

De-ci de-là / Media (Video artist in residence)DE-CI DE-LA / MEDIA (ARTISTES VIDEASTES EN RESIDENCE)
De-ci de-là / Media (Video artist in residence)

Jacek Zachodny, Arnaud Tanguy, Anna Plotnicka, Vincent Bernat, Maja Wolinska, Younès Baba-Ali
France, 2009
video art

Three years residency devoted to video and multimedia. This publication presents the work and research carried out between 2007 and 2009 in the field of video and multimedia by artists in residence in Alsace (France) and in Lower Silesia (Poland). These residences were conducted under three-year agreements on cultural cooperation between the Region Alsace and Lower Silesia Voivodeship. They were conducted in Alsace with the partnership of ECCAS, Frac Alsace, ESAD, Video les Beaux Jours, Gap production and ACEIs, and with the OKIS and WRO Art Center in Lower Silesia.
Suppléments :
- Polish subtitles
- 44-page colour booklet (french/english), text by Paul Guérin

Eléonore Héllio
France, 2010
video art

ESP is the acronyme of Extra-Sensorial Perception. Founded by Eléonore Hellio in 1999, it is a fluctuating collective associating students and teachers across different departments of the Strasbourg school of visual arts « Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs ». ESP is an ongoing research and creative workshop for network and performance art. The participants explore telepresence and virtual shared space with a collective approach creating a new context through local and distant interplay using telecommunication technologies and electronic media.
Suppléments :
- English subtitles
- 4-page colour booklet (french/english), text by Eléonore Héllio


Alain Della Negra
France, 2009
video art

Alain Della Negra was born in 1975, he lives and works in Paris. The question of voice is central in his productions. Artist and documentary filmmaker, he collaborated with Kaori Kinoshita from the video NEIGHBORHOOD in 2005. The ongoing collaboration between the two questions in different forms, the man’s ties with its avatars. The Shorts NEWBORNS (2007) and THE DEN (2008), video installations « The lair » (2009) and « Life » (2009), the feature documentary THE CAT, THE REVEREND AND THE SLAVE (2009) are different manifestations of this issue.
Suppléments :
- English and french subtitles
- 16-page colour booklet (french/english), text by Christophe Kihm

VIDEOS 2004-2005VIDEOS 2004-2005
Christelle Familiari
France, 2010
video art

Video has been an important medium for Christelle Familiari ever since the first pieces she produced in the 90’s. Her practice has expanded over the years, finally encompassing diverse mediums (sculptures, objects, collages…) but video has always kept a significant and determining position. Her first video works focused on intimacy and the relation to the Other through confrontation between image and viewer.(...) The aesthetics of these silent, black and white videos, their presentation in a loop, as well as the mechanization of the bodies, which yield to ceaseless movements, contribute to the deliberately burlesque potential of these films.
Suppléments :
No words
Text by Claire Guézengar

Clément Cogitore
France, 2010
video art

Clément Cogitore was born in Colmar in 1983. After studying at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg, and Fresnoy-National Studio of Contemporary Arts he developed an astyle, mixing cinema and contemporary art. Combining film, video, installations and photographs his work questions the modalities of cohabitation of men with their images. There is often the question of ritual, collective memory, figuration of the sacred as well as a particular idea of the permeability of the worlds.
Suppléments :
- English subtitles
- 16-page colour booklet (french/english), text by Marie-Thérèse Champesme

FILMS + VIDEOS 1973-2007FILMS + VIDEOS 1973-2007
Robert Cahen
France, 2010
video art

Robert Cahen is a French artist born in 1945. He received initial training as a composer following the course of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) from 1969 to 1971. Alongside composition work, Cahen took a strong interest in image and video, transferring to it the technical and linguistic experiments carried out by the concrete music movement. This outstanding research pioneered the use of electronic instruments and opened the way for the treatment of images as sounds. This DVD box display 29 video works that reflect the unique world of the artist and 6 musical compositions, unreleased to date.
Suppléments :
- English and german subtitles
- 16-page colour booklet (french/english/german), texts by Hou Hanru and Stéphane Audeguy

Nicolas Boone
France, 2011
video art

BUP is the big label governing the world and exhausting anything that
can be a nuisance to its power. BUP acts by invasion of slogans and
advertising campaigns. In sports, drugs, alcohol, shows, gardening, architecture, elections, computer games, BUP promises to people who seek life solutions and BUP always ends up providing with some answers or others.
BUP, series (9 episodes, 91 minutes)
BUP, the film (TransBup, 50 minutes)

Suppléments :
- English subtitles
- 16-pages color booklet, text by Erik Bullot